Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Working with Om Alec - Don Laka

Visit Om Alec Khaoli's Youtube Channel at this link  and view this exclusive interview of Don Laka talking about how working with Alec Khaoli impacted his own solo career.  Please remember to Subscribe to this Youtube Channel, Like and leave a comment or a question for Om Alec.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Om Alec Khaoli - Musical Legacy DVD - Now Available

In celebration of his 50 years Anniversary in music - OliKha Media  has produced a DVD to give recognition to the iconic and legendary Alec Khaoli.  A founder member of legendary bands, Harari and Umoja,  and a multi-platinum solo artist, Alec has contributed immensely to the Southern African music industry.  His music has touched people all over the world and he is celebrated by fans worldwide.  This DVD  features exclusive and very rare music videos and interviews of the iconic singer - a sure delight for countless fans some of whom have never seen his classic 80s music videos.  The DVD can be ordered via email: -  this limited edition DVD is offered for ZAR150 (R150), please note this price excludes shipping costs.  Get your copy before stock runs out. - Visit his Youtube Channel to see a preview (link on this site below)

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Alec Khaoli (Musical Journey)

Alec Khaoli's Musical Journey album is now available for download on iTunes.  This album features some of the most evocative music composed by the master himself.  From the classic Kgomo Tseo to the dance floor runaway hit Malatadiana.  Musical Journey truly lives up to its title with a beautiful blend of eclectic sounds placing this album among his other timeless masterpieces.  For an added touch of musical genius, he featured the talented Joe Nina on two songs, Zakafara and Say You Belong to Me.  On these two tracks Alec goes back to his roots by playing the instrument that earned him the nickname, 'The Star of the Stage' - his bass guitar.   Take a journey with Om Alec and enjoy the sounds that continue to make him a legend.